About Us

If you’re looking forward to be a part of a competition that offers exhilarating dancing performances, trusted and accommodating facilities, excellent dressing room space, host of amenities and an electrifying atmosphere, then you’ve reached the right destination!

At Applause Talent, we firmly believe in and live by our tagline-“Everyone deserves a round of applause”!

Yes, dancing to us in more than just putting up a stellar performance. It’s about bringing forth a world full of excitement, art and competition that further provides you with ample opportunities to showcase your talent as well as the incredible moves, jumps, lifts and so much more.

With adequate guidance from professional judges and exceptional support from our highly experienced staff, we know exactly how to put together a dancing competition that’ll remain with you for years to come. Our national dance competition allows performers to gain both personal as well as performance confidence, even as they go about performing on different standard sized stages.

Our Story

Applause Talent’s journey commenced 30 years ago in Ohio. Currently, the organization tours in over 30 cities in the United States, bringing along with it a great deal of fun, excitement, glamour and thrill that performers usually expect from a dance competition. The competition is organized at three different levels with more than $30,000 awarded at the National level competition alone. Today, the Applause Talent family has expanded and brings along with a vast amount of experience and knowledge around organizing competitions that range in size from one city to another.

Why Us?

Because we understand what dance & competition means to you. We’ve been in this industry for several years now, which puts us in the perfect spot for organizing competitions that are of the highest standard and level.

Here’s what sets us apart from our competitors:

  • Each of our staff members are selected on the basis of their proficiency and to offer adequate care to our clients.
  • We secure the best facility for meeting performance needs and enabling performers to showcase their talent.
  • We offer workshops and classes to enhance your ‘Applause’ experience.
  • Our team strives hard to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table.

At Applause Talent, we strongly believe in giving back to the community, which is precisely why our new charitable “Trophy Opt-out” program allows us to donate the monetary value of the trophy/trophies back to Cancer Research after performers or group decides to “Opt-Out”. The donation is forwarded to either The American Cancer Society or Susan G. Komen Foundation, depending upon the group’s preference.

Join us in our mission, even as we continue to recognize and applaud dancing talent across the country!


Christy Carter - Dance Parent

I wanted to say a special thank you to the staff of Applauce Talent for putting on a great, professional competition. We have always enjoyed doing Applause Talent, and have participated in both your regional and national dance competitions for quite a few years now. The staff is always friendly. The atmosphere is always fun and welcoming. And, most importantly, the competition seems to have qualified, fair judges who are versed in all dance styles and the judging seems fair. I would highly recommend Applause dance competitions to any parent or studio director!

Helen Holland - Dance Parent

We have attended numerous Applause Talent regional competitions and three nationals during my daughter's dance career and they have been the best in production and competition. The facilities have been excellent and the dressing rooms have been very large for our large company. The competition at Applause has been very competitive and the sessions always run on time or ahead of schedule. The staff is very friendly and you can tell they enjoy what they do! The awards ceremony is entertaining for the kids and well organized. They are always accommodating to our kids schedules if we need to move pieces for a school function or activity. My daughter and I applaud Applause Talent!

Brian Mason - National Judge

As a judge for Applause Talent, I find that, with each city, I learn so much from all of the talent I get to see. I constantly find myself inspired, not just by the dancing, but also by the teachers, parents, choreography and professionalism of those with whom I interact. I never feel like it’s “work”, because the Applause staff is like family. What makes Applause stand-alone is the dedication and personal consideration that they provide to the staff and the clientele. Some of my goals as an adjudicator are to inspire the dancers to always work hard, to encourage them to pursue their passions, and to advocate self-discipline and teamwork. Applause Talent not only provides me with an avenue to help positively influence dancers, but they also provide a stage with which dancers can grow, live, and express themselves. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with and I’m so thankful I am apart of the Applause family!

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